Decorating Idea: What to Do With Seashells?

Three Seashells

Who can resist gathering seashells any time they’re near an ocean? Just me? Maybe that’s just a thing people who don’t live near an ocean do, but chances are even you coastal dwellers have a few seashells in a drawer somewhere.

Because really, what do you do with them? You could put them in a jar. Or a bowl. Those would be pretty, but how many jars or bowls of seashells can you have? Am I right?

I faced this same conundrum a few weeks ago when I got back from a trip to Cambodia. During the days I spent in a couple of seaside towns in Cambodia, I gathered plenty of seashells. Because when am I going to go back to the Gulf of Thailand? Probably not any time soon. After unpacking and staring at my shell souvenirs, I was at a loss for what to do with them. Then, I came up with a brilliant solution.

Use them to decorate plants!

Decorate with seashells

It may sound weird, but I like to set little objects in my houseplants to give them some flair. Usually I place a few pretty rocks on the topsoil. Maybe a small figurine if I’m feeling crazy. But seashells are even better plant decorators!

Decorate plants with seashells Add flair to houseplants with seashells Seashells decorate houseplantThey just add a little something. It’s subtle. And pretty. And it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something semi-creative with my seashells.

What do you think?

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