Making It a Christmasy Christmas

Christmas tree and fireplace mantle in red and green.

Every year I get the urge to make it really Christmasy Christmas. By that I mean a fully decked out house with lots of Christmas cheer. I’m talking festive decorations in every room, Christmas cookies, fudge and baked goods out on display and a big real Christmas tree. As I start decking the halls though, it seems like there’s always more to do than there are days in December. Living in apartments or rental houses never helped either. Before, I didn’t have the space or the décor (picture lots of college furniture) to make my home look as merry as I envisioned.

But this year I did it. Even though I live in a rental house, I managed to give my home some holiday style—and it didn’t take a lot of effort or money. The only Christmas decoration I actually purchased was my tree. By simply reusing what I already had or crafting decorations myself, I made my home quite festive for Christmas.

Now, it’s  time to just enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it too!

Fireplace mantle decorated for Christmas.Here’s a little taste of what my Christmas mantle looks like. I’ll write a full blog post on my mantle soon!

Christmas tree decorated with paper snowflakes.My Christmas tree is a Fraser Fir. I love its soft needles and piney scent. I didn’t have many ornaments to decorate my tree. So, I used a few strands of lights, a big wide ribbon I already had and I made snowflake ornaments out of toilet paper rolls. (More on those soon!)

Christmas postcard nestled in the branches of a Christmas tree.As more Christmas cards come in the mail, I plan to nestle those in my tree’s branches. I’m all about easy (and free) Christmas décor.

Bookcase decorated for Christmas.I added Christmas touches here and there around the rest of the house. Here you can see bulb ornaments stuck in cups on display and my cinnamon stick ornament hanging from a stocking holder.

Bookcase decorated for Christmas.Winter greenery in a vase.I stuck leftover trimmings from my Christmas tree, in a few vessels around the house.

What do you think of my 2013 Christmas decorating? Let me know in the comments…

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