What Should I Do With It?

What Should I Do With It? | redleafstyle.com

My awesome friend found this medicine cabinet sitting on the curb and snagged it for me. She knows about my love for free furniture. Do I have any idea what I’m going to do with it? No, not really. Am I excited about it any way? Of course!

It’s not as big as it looks. The width is about the size of a standard medicine cabinet, maybe a little wider. And the length is probably about four feet.

It doesn’t look like it would be too difficult to hang on the wall. Maybe I could just set the shabby shelf on top of a dresser? I’m really not sure. I need your ideas!

What Should I Do With It? | redleafstyle.comWhat Should I Do With It? | redleafstyle.com

Tell me what you think I should do with it? I need some creative inspiration. Please oh-please drop me an idea in the comments…

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  1. j g
    October 28, 2013

    do you have the space to put it above the stool in the bathroom?

    1. Red Leaf Style
      October 28, 2013

      No, the bathroom is too small. I’m going to have to do something untraditional with it.

  2. Caitlin
    November 5, 2013

    Spice rack?

    1. Red Leaf Style
      November 7, 2013

      Ooh I like that idea. There would be room for A LOT of spices. 🙂


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