3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon

3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon | redleafstyle.com

Head out to Portland, Oregon if you want to score some serious vintage gems. I spent five days in this hipster town and loved every minute there. Every time I turned a corner I saw a cute coffeeshop, a hopping spot to grab a beer or a vintage store. All things I love! I didn’t venture too far out of downtown, but it had more than enough to keep me occupied. Here are a few of the vintage stores I spotted while there.

1. BillyGoat Vintage

3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon | redleafstyle.com

This cute shop located in the heart of downtown Portland felt like some smart shopper had handpicked vintage stuff just for me. BillyGoat Vintage offered a large selection of vintage clothes, all clearly chosen for the modern dresser. Nothing stuffy. Just really cute dresses, sweaters, pants and fun knickknacks. I had to talk myself out of buying too much. And, the lady working the counter was really helpful. She made some great suggestions of activities to do and areas to visit while in Portland.

2. Buffalo Exchange

At this resale shop, I scored a Cath Kidston purse for $32. If you haven’t heard of her, Cath Kidston is an English fashion designer. Her design style is similar to Vera Bradley, only better in my opinion. The style of purse I found is regularly $80! Buffalo Exchange had a large selection of merchandise, if you’re willing to dig. Mixed vintage and modern styles.

3. Tender Loving Empire

Okay, this store isn’t actually a vintage shop. (I forgot the name of the one I wanted to tell you about.) BUT…it is a unique shop to Portland. Tender Loving Empire features all handmade goods from local Portland artists, including T-shirts, cards, jewelry and housewares. I bought my boyfriend an awesome screen printed Portland T-shirt there.

3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon | redleafstyle.com3 Amazing Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon | redleafstyle.com

Have you visited Portland? What were your favorite vintage shops?

(All photos were taken in BillyGoat Vintage with permission.)

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