Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders

Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders |

Corral all of your bracelets in one spot by reusing a glass bottle as a bracelet holder. The necks of glass bottles are the perfect size to line up your bracelets and watches. Several bottles create a quirky-cute jewelry display. Plus, you can see all of your baubles easily, which will make getting ready in the morning faster.

I used a couple bottles I had on hand. (Please ignore the fact that I was too lazy to scrape off the residue from the label on one of them.) You could display your jewelry with any leftover bottle—wine bottle, beer bottle, jelly jar. Get creative!

Glass Bottle Bracelet Holders | redleafstyle.comGlass Bottle Bracelet Holders | redleafstyle.comGlass Bottle Bracelet Holders |

Would you use glass bottles to display your bracelets? What are you favorite ways to store your jewelry?

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