Snow Day Home Inspiration

Snow Day Home Inspiration |

Happy snow day from the Midwest! We’re pretty much buried out here. The Kansas
City area saw 8 to 12 inches of snow or more today and it’s still coming down. As a
home blogger, I have perhaps an out-of-the-ordinary love for being at home, but I
think a snow day makes everyone appreciate home just a little bit more.

There’s nothing quite like snuggling inside with a pile of blankets, a cup of
something hot and a window with the curtains pulled open to reveal a snow-falling
scene outside. My house is happy, warm and oh-so comfy right now.

This is what makes me love home decorating. It’s about creating the same comfy,
satisfied and simply happy feeling that you have for your home on a snow day—all
the time.

Everything I write about, every do-it-yourself project, decorating idea and thrift store
, is because it’s something that made my home feel just a little bit happier. And, I
hope all of my ramblings give you some inspiration to make your home feel happier
too. Well, that’s enough home philosophizing for one lazy snow day.

What makes you inspired when it comes to your home? Apparently weather does it
for me! Let me know in the comments…

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