Get Cozy: Fall Home Decorating Inspiration

The weather may just dangle on the edge of autumn at the moment, still too hot to really be called the fall season, but I’m ready to start thinking about it. Fall usually goes far too quickly, anyway. Better to get started decorating now!

I’m ready to fill my home with items that give off the fall feeling. This year I want to do it differently, though. No cheesy decorations. Maybe, less orange. I’m thinking more cozy neutrals.

Nothing in my home is really giving off the feeling that I want at the moment. (That’s why I included a picture of the few fall-like items I currently own above.) Lacking in inspiration, I turned to good ol’ Pinterest. Check out what I’m looking at right now to find fall decorating inspiration for my home.

Some images that are inspiring me:

This year I want to incorporate items from nature into my home decorating. Maybe I’ll dress up my mantle with some pretty leaves. Or stick a few twigs in a skinny vase. Pretty and cheap! Photo courtesy Better Homes and Gardens.

I never thought I’d see legwarmers on a stool, but I love it! The chunky knits against the rugged wood have a nice effect. Photo courtesy Country Living.

What could be more cozy than a blanket? I have stacks of them around my house, all ready to grab once the weather turns chilly. Photo courtesy

The rustic look of wicker baskets fits perfectly with fall. Plus, they’re super handy to have around. Not sure what to do with some stray items? Just chuck them in a basket for quick clean up! Photo courtesy Etsy seller 86Home.

How are you planning to decorate your home for fall? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments section.

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