Vintage Love: A Barnyard Wedding

When done right, a wedding’s décor can make an already happy celebration just that much more perfect. That’s the kind of night it was at my friends’ vintage-inspired wedding.

After an outdoor ceremony, the reception took place in the indoor-outdoor space of a converted barn on a working farm. The backdrop of rolling hills and planted crops perfectly suited the vintage items that decorated the tables, the walls and the dessert bar. In this carefully-thought-out wedding, everything just felt right.

They had the vintage details down. From an old wooden chest holding programs, (which also doubled as fans!), to galvanized metal tubs storing bottled water to old spoons and wooden boxes decorating the tables, this wedding couldn’t have been more vintage perfect.

Their colors even nodded to vintage. Bridesmaids wore pale, pale blue flowy dresses and groomsmen sported bright red vests and ties. Chinese lanterns in the same colors canvassed the ceiling of the barn, hung between strings of lights.

Kelsey and Jon Pierson know how to have a wedding vintage-style. Check out some pictures from the vintage event below!

[A friend of the couple hand painted this sign. I love how the vintage colors contrast with the more modern-style shape of the hearts.]

[A simple hand painted sign hung with ribbon designated each row.]

[A vintage typewriter salvaged from an antique mall holds the answer key to a crossword about the couple, which guests could fill out on their programs/fans.]

[A wooden chest repainted in an eye-popping teal color holds this wedding’s version of a guest book.]

[Simple, yet stylish vintage decorations adorned the tables. Old blue Ball mason jars showed off flowers. A wooden box on each table held vintage trinkets (left). Guests received a small mason jar, which they could fill with goodies at a candy bar (right).]

[The couple shares their first dance. Even the bride’s wedding dress spoke to vintage with its delicate lace and cut out back.]

[Guests could grab tasty cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake.]

[A sign welcomes guests to fill an individual mason jar with munchies from the candy bar to take home. The candy bar held gourmet goodies like habenero jelly beans and chocolate covered sunflower seeds, as well as more tradtional candy.]

[What’s a wedding without a “dance off” circle?]

[This couple knows how to have a good time.]

This beautiful wedding had my vintage-loving heart a’ fluttering all night. Or maybe that was the heat of Missouri in July. (The couple later thanked guests for “sweating it out with them” if that gives you any indication of the temperature.) Either way, this vintage wedding couldn’t have been more perfect.

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  1. kris
    July 12, 2012

    I agree–the wedding venue was beautiful. And the guests were superb. It was a wonderful night.

  2. this is such a cool wedding. i love how it feels so laid-back, but there are so much attention to detail. great post and great pics!!!

    1. Red Leaf Style
      July 13, 2012

      That’s exactly how it was! The details really helped create an awesome atmosphere!

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