Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

If you’re looking for some easy scrapbooking inspiration, then this miniature photo album just might motivate you to break out the page protectors and print some photos.

It must be all of the Instagramming I’ve done lately because I’m obsessed with square photos. They just offer a more interesting look than typical rectangular photos.

So, I’m really excited to share this 4X4 photo album I made featuring photos from a recent camping trip. Here it is!

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

The most difficult part of making this photo album was printing the photos. That’s what always takes the longest. I had to sort through all the photos I took while camping (a lot) to find the best ones (not as many), and then I edited them and sent them to be printed.

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album | redleafstyle.comScrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

My favorite way to print photos is the PostalPix app for iPhone. (It’s also available for Android.) I can order photos directly from the app and they’re mailed right to my house. Of course, I also love that they offer the 4X4 option.

You can order prints in these sizes: 4X4, 4X6, 5X5, 5X7, 8X8 and 8X10.

PostalPix also offers aluminum prints, where photos are infused onto 1mm thick aircraft grade aluminum. I really want to try this printing method, but at $9.99 for one 4X4 print, I have to find the right photos to make sure it’s worth the expense.

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

There’s really no method to how I decided to organize the photos. I just went along the same timeline as the trip, and I mixed in close-up and far-off shots to add visual interest.

Instead of inserting photos on all of the pages, I cut scrapbook paper to the same 4X4 dimension and wrote some notes. That’s about as wild as I got with this album.

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album | redleafstyle.comScrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

The supplies I used for this project were simple. A 4X4 ringed album from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores® and 4X4 Amelia page protectors from A Beautiful Mess.

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album | redleafstyle.comScrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

I also mixed in a few old school Polaroid photos that my boyfriend took. Fun, right?! I love the vintage-y feel they add to the album.

Scrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album | redleafstyle.comScrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album | redleafstyle.comScrapbooking Fun: Mini Camping Photo Album |

I’ve already flipped through this mini photo album so many times. I can’t stop looking at it. It turned out to be such a fun way to display photos.

Make your own miniature photo album to display photos from a recent vacation or event. It’s an easy project that you’ll appreciate for years.

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5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |

The humble mason jar has been having a serious moment. This vessel is everywhere. Mason jars have been transformed into light fixtures, wedding centerpieces and toothbrush holders. They’re being painted, stenciled, bedazzled—you name it

Mason jar projects are so popular right now, I’ve even heard the word “overused” associated with them. But, to me, mason jars will never go out of style. How can they? They’re a classic.

So, I was super surprised when I realized I haven’t ever written a post on just mason jars. (The shame!)

My favorite ways to use mason jars are the ones that stand the test of time. The tried-and-true methods you’ll use over and over. You’ve probably heard of most these mason jar uses before, but I want to keep it simple and just celebrate some fabulous ways to use mason jars, without changing them too much.

Here are my favorite ways to use mason jars.

1. Mason jars as votives

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |

Outdoors, indoors, doesn’t matter. Stick a tea light in a mason jar and you have an instant votive. Group several mason jars with flickering tea lights together to form an easy—and sparkly—centerpiece or just have one sitting on a table to add moody vibes to a room.

Having guests over? Line the walkway to your front door with mason jars lit with tea lights, or outline your patio with them as an inexpensive way to make an outdoor space feel fancy.

2. Mason jars as vases

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |

Ah, classic. What is it about mason jars that just make them the best vases? My cupboard is full of traditional vases, but whenever I have a bouquet of flowers, I always reach for mason jars, blue Ball jars in particular.

3. Mason jars as organizers

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |
They corral; they collect; and they display. Mason jars are littered around my home, keeping odds and ends in place. They’re holding lip balms, q-tips and cotton balls in my bathroom. They’re storing dog treats in the cupboard. One sits sans lid on my desk holding pencils, pens and scissors.

What more is there to say? They’re great for corralling all manner of small items that easily get jumpled. Plus, mason jars make anything look good. Just sayin.

4. Mason jars as candles

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |

Every year, usually around the holidays, I make homemade candles, and my favorite containers to use are, of course, mason jars.

Homemade candles are super simple to make. You basically just secure a wick in your jar and pour in melted wax. I usually use soy wax or beeswax. (Here’s a tutorial on how to make beeswax candles, but the steps are the same if you use soy.)

Mason jars work great as candle containers because they make the candle look fancy and because they’re practical. For example, they have lids, which is always convenient to have with a candle.

5. Mason jars as food storage

5 Ways to Use a Mason Jar |

This use for mason jars is so obvious, it’s not.

I think we’ve gotten so caught up in new-fangled uses and DIY projects for mason jars that we’ve forgotten what they’re meant for. Don’t get me wrong; I love mason jar projects. I just also think mason jars work great for simple, everyday uses too.

Mason jars are my go-to items for storing foods. Whenever I get home from the grocery store, I dump whatever I can into mason jars. Nuts, chia seeds, flax, flour, sugar, spices, rice.

It’s just really nice to not have a bunch of plastic packaging around. Mason jars look sleek in my pantry cupboard and they make finding what I need at a glance easy.

These bask-to-the-basics ideas for using mason jars are nothing new, but they’re a good reminder. What are your favorite ways to use mason jars?

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5 Things to Love about Summer in the Midwest

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

Summer may be coming to a close, but it’s still here—for now. For a season that I associate with slowness, mine has flown by. As most summers do, I suppose. And I feel like I haven’t appreciated it enough.

Summers in the Midwest are special. It’s a season when you know it’s all good. It’s all lazy dogs, bare feet and long days. Iced tea, sun sets and happy nights.

And I’m going to soak in every hot, humid moment that’s left. The humidity here in the Midwest doesn’t bother me, like it does a lot of people. It’s more like a well-known friend. Familiar, expected. Thick and warm. Kind of like a cozy blanket.

In celebration of this almost-gone season, I’m listing my favorite things about summer. What are your favorites?

1. The sound of cicadas

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

I love the sound of cicadas on summer nights. A summer evening isn’t complete without the hum and pulse of their vibrating song. Some people find it noisy, but after growing up hearing it year after year, it’s a kind of music to me.

2. The golden hour

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

There’s just something about summer evenings. They’re lazy. Slow. There’s no reason to rush, and every reason to linger. Even the sun takes its time setting. That’s when you have that perfect golden hour. When dusk is just setting in and the sun cakes everything in a goldeny light. It’s just a beautiful time of day.

3. The taste of, well, every summer fruit and veggie

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

Nearly every Saturday morning in the summer, I’m at my local farmer’s market going gaga over the produce. Heirloom tomatoes. Missouri peaches. Sweet, crunchy bell peppers.

Here in Kansas City, I’m lucky to live near dozens of farmer’s markets. But I have a favorite. And, I have a favorite farmer who knows me by name and always slips an extra something into my bag.

How many people can say they have a favorite farmer? It’s something I love about the Midwest.

4. The smell of a garden

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

Gardens aren’t just enjoyable for the tasty fruits, veggies and herbs they produce. They smell amazing, too. The tangy scent of basil when the sun warms its leaves comes to mind. Or, the spicy scent of tomato vines. Those smells are like nothing else. And completely reminiscent of summer.

5. The fireflies

Fireflies, lightning bugs, moon bugs. Call them what you will, they all refer to those little glowing specks that are so much fun to watch for. As a kid, I’d try to catch them. (But I’d always let them go.) There’s something a little bit magical about them and I still love to look for them on summer nights.

5 Things to Love About Summer in the Midwest |

Those are just a few of my ramblings about summer. What do you love about this season?

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