Featured on Better Kansas City: May 2015


This morning, I was invited to demonstrate how to make wall art using embroidery hoops on Better Kansas City, a local lifestyle T.V. show on KCTV5.

This is the second time I’ve gotten to showcase a project on Better Kansas City! I like to show easy do-it-yourself projects that anyone can make. Requiring just fabric, embroidery hoops and scissors, this project is about as easy as it gets.

Watch how to make fabric embroidery hoop art below.


Do you think the T.V. segment went well? My favorite part of this project is that it’s so easy-to-change. I’m always moving items around my house and rearranging the furniture, so what I love so much is that as soon as you get tired of the fabric, just change it! I hope that came across.


T.V. is a different medium than I’m used to, but I like how it offers an opportunity to show projects in a more hands-on way.

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How to Decorate For Now—Not Later


Do you ever feel like you’ll decorate better or try harder at your next house? You know, the perfect one?

I struggle all the time with wanting to just wait and do the bigger and better decorating projects at my next house—the one I’ll presumably own not rent. This usually happens when I’m frustrated with the small space my rental offers, the inability to change the wall color in the kitchen and my unwillingness to put the money into updating the fixtures on a place I rent.

But, I wonder, do homeowners struggle with this too? Do you struggle to find the courage, time or creativity to transform your home from one that’s ‘fine’ to one you adore?

I’m betting so. If you’re not dreaming of owning a new home like me, then maybe you’re waiting until you have enough money to buy that new rug or you’re counting on inspiration to finally strike so you can paint your bedroom the perfect wall color. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Our home struggle similarities bring up a more important question. What are we waiting for?

Most of us spend the majority of our lives in our homes. We eat, sleep, relax and hang out there—and so much more. It’s where we live, duh. Why are we okay with waiting to make our homes our favorite places to be?

I know I’ll have to remind myself of these words often. Every time I wish I could change the light fixture in my bathroom or itch to paint my front door, but there are ways to make my home awesome without messing up my security deposit.

Here are a few easy ways you can update your home, whether you’re a renter or a owner.

1. Rearrange what you have


So simple, but so true. If you’re bored with a room, rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a simple switch up might just transform a room into exactly what you’re looking for. Try a different arrangement, even if you don’t think it will look good. You might be surprised! And don’t be afraid to move furniture from room to room. That end table that wasn’t working in the living room might be just what you need to corral items by the front door.

2. Buy new—in something small


When you want a new couch, rug or drapes, but know it’s just not in the budget, opt for a smaller purchase. A new tea towel to dress up your kitchen. A bouquet of flowers. Or, better yet, a plant. Small touches—even ones for less than $5—can make a space feel brand new.

3. Don’t wait to hang


Many renters (or home owners) don’t want to bother hanging items on the walls. I know I’ve been there. Maybe it’s because you know you’ll be moving. Or, maybe it’s because you don’t want to fix the hole. Buy some spackle. Hang that mirror, those shelves or those pictures. You’ll feel better, trust me.

4. Paint what you can


Hate your wall color? Landlord won’t let you paint? Then, paint a big piece of furniture—think dresser, bookcase, buffet or table—the color you wish you could paint the walls. I’m all about classic, crisp white lately. The walls at my current rental are actually quite a pretty light grey, but my all-white dresser has lived in several rentals, and as one of the larger pieces of furniture I own, I always love all of the white it adds to a room.

5. Look at what’s in storage


What do you have stored away? Sometimes you can find long-forgotten items in the back of a closet that can instantly refresh your home. You’ll be adding something new without actually buying anything new. Recently, I rediscovered a stack of embroidery hoops in a crate in my storage/laundry room. I added a few swatches of fabric and now I have one hanging in my gallery wall and a few others dressing up other areas of the house. I have all new décor—for free!

Now’s the time to make your home the home of your dreams. Don’t wait! Incorporating just one of these changes will make you feel like you have a brand new space. Promise!


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Embroidery Hoop Art


If your walls are feeling bare as bones, but you don’t have the money to buy “art”, then this easy do-it-yourself project is for you.

All it takes is some fabric remnants and a few embroidery hoops. (There’s no actual embroidering required with this project, although personally I’m eager to try that next.)

Basically, you just place your fabric in the embroidery hoops, trim off the excess and hang your new hoops on the wall. See:


Here I just strung several different sized hoops along a piece of twine to create a collection. The display pretties up a bare door.


Fabric scraps leftover from other projects make the perfect pieces for this embroidery hoop art project because you don’t need a lot of fabric. I found my fabric remnants a while back at an estate sale for something like $1 each. (Sometimes supply hoarding turns out well for me!) But you can also find cheap remnants at fabric and craft stores.

Thick paper will even work. The reddish-orange leaf pattern is actually paper not fabric.

Or, you’ll even see I even used the denim leftover from cutting a pair of jeans into shorts. The leg pieces were leftover, so I figured why not reuse them? If you have old T-shirts or maybe that favorite dress with a stain on it, why not repurpose the good fabric into art for your home? That way you can still enjoy it, just in a new form. It’s about reimagining, guys.

hoop_jean denim_hoop_walldenim_hoop

Embroidery hoops with fabric make an interesting addition to a gallery wall. It’s fun to add in something different instead of just the same ol’ same ol’ picture frames. Or, mount several hoops in a vertical or horizontal line on a wall for an easy display. There are so many options!


Embroidery hoops look similar to a picture frame but their circular shape is far more visually interesting. I love the unexpectedness of them mounted on a wall. What do you think of the look?

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