Weekend Things: Photos, Thoughts & Happenings


This weekend, I played the recluse. My days were filled with cooking food, scrapbooking with what I had on hand and enjoying our first real—and probably last—snow of the season.

Winter is fading. I can feel it. Even though the air is still biting cold, it’s coming. I’m ready to start seeds and watch them grow. I’m looking forward to hunting morels. To being in the woods. To getting my hands dirty.


But for now, snow.

So, I stayed inside and made a mess. It felt really good to just have time to get creative. To flex my creative muscles. I was inspired to do a couple of projects that I’ll show you soon! Otherwise, I’ve been getting back into scrapbooking and trying to contain my hoard of paper from college, travels and everyday life.


I also received some beautiful postcards in the mail from The Noisy Plume. I spent probably too much time just moving them around to different spots. (I do that when I really like something.)

If you need some life-spiration, you should definitely check out The Noisy Plume. She makes me remember to appreciate the simple, the beautiful and the real.

plume_postcard plate_postcardhearts_scrapbooking

How was your weekend? Good? I sure hope so!

Cork Trivet Wall Décor


On my most recent shopping trip to Ikea, I was staring at a packet of three cork trivets and inspiration struck! Instead of using them to protect countertops and tables from hot pots, I decided to hang them on the wall.

Similar to a cork bulletin board, this packet of three cork trivets can be used to pin up postcards, messages and pictures. I adhered mine to the wall with just a few swatches of double-sided tape. It took all of three minutes to go from blank wall to wall décor.


You’re not limited to hanging pictures or postcards on your trivets. I tacked up a carnation to dry. The flower adds a bit more visual interest to the whole scheme.

I hung my three circles in a vertical line, but there are so many other options you could try. Buy a few more packets of trivets and you could create an entire gallery wall or make a cool pattern on the wall. At $2.99 for a packet of three, it’s a very inexpensive project. (Hint: If you check Ikea’s “as is” area, you might even be able to score some for less!)


I love the versatility of this cork trivet wall décor. Whenever you get bored, just pin up a new arrangement of items. You can change it whenever, and easily match it to any décor. Or, swap out items to go with different holidays throughout the year.


I used the cork trivet wall décor to fill a sad blank space beside my T.V. But there are so many options! I’m picturing the cork trivets in a kitchen to pin recipes at hands reach or lining a wall in a mudroom to pin notes and mail by the door. Get creative!

What do you think of this easy Ikea hack? Would you try it?

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Do-It-Yourself Yarn Pom Pom Garland


I’m always looking for a yarn craft. Yarn is inexpensive and versatile. I like using it because I don’t feel bad when I mess up, which tends to happen.

I’ve really enjoyed crocheting and finger knitting recently, so when I came across yarn pom poms, I knew I wanted to try to make them.


Making yarn pom poms was a super simple craft and fun to do. Here’s a quick tutorial that explains how to make your own yarn pom poms.


A few tricks to keep in mind

You can use anything to wrap the yarn around. It doesn’t have to be cardboard. You can even use your hand. Just keep in mind the size of the item you wrap the yarn around will determine what size your pom pom is.

Make sure not to wrap the yarn too tight. You have to carefully pull the yarn off the cardboard and keep it in place so you can tie the string around it. If you wrap the yarn too tight this is really hard to do. I learned the hard way.

There are lots of different size options. I chose to make bigger pom poms, about the size of a tennis ball. But you can make them in any size! You can also change up the thickness. I left the yarn tips longer for a droopy look. Clip them shorter for a puffier-looking pom pom.


I made six yarn pom poms and then strung them together to create a garland. I love how this simple garland just dresses up my shelves. It’s a little quirky and lots of fun.

This yarn pom pom garland has been making its way around my house. I love decorating with it! Here are some more ways to decorate with a yarn pom pom garland.

Easy pom pom garland decorating ideas:
- Break it out for a quick party decoration
- String it along a mantle
- Dress up a bed headboard
- Decorate a present
- Drape along a shelf


What do you think of my yarn pom pom garland? Would you make one?

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